4 Math Apps To Download Now


When you’re spinning plates and don’t have time for hands-on math activities with your kiddo (it happens), look to a math app to lend a helping hand. There are tons of options available, so we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and found the best out there. Try one of our top picks and let us know which is your favorite:

  1. Mathmateer: This creative option has kids build a rocket ship to launch into space! But first they must earn money by solving math challenges. We love the journey it takes the player on, and the interface. (Available for iOS, $1.99)
  2. Zap Zap Math: We’re a sucker for space themed games, what can we say. Kids will explore this math “universe” as they play a variety of different games all aligning with the common space theme. It even lets players customize their own spaceship! (Available for iOS, Free)
  3. King of Math: Watch your child become the ruler of the math kingdom in this fast-paced adventure game. Beginning as a farmer, your child’s character levels up by answering math questions correctly. Each level offers a different character design to keep players interested. (Available for iOS, Free)
  4. Math Racer 3.0: Speed is the name of the game here, as kids solve problems as fast as they can in seven mind-challenging games. The interface is simple, allowing kids to focus their attention on harnessing brainpower. Pro Tip: This is a great way to build patience. (Available for iOS, $2.99)
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