5 Indoor Summer Math Games For Hot Summer Days


The dog days of summer have arrived, bringing with them the sweltering heat and humidity that make outdoor activities less appealing. As the temperature rises, children may find themselves confined indoors, seeking refuge from the scorching sun. However, staying cooped up inside doesn’t have to mean sacrificing fun or learning opportunities. How can you make learning fun and active for your child while avoiding the summer heat? Here are some air-conditioning-friendly, engaging, and educational fun summer math games and activities that will improve critical thinking and math skills (not to mention keep your kids entertained and mentally stimulated while beating the summer heat):

1. Fishing For Numbers

You may not be able to go to the beach or the river every day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go fishing. Transform your living room into an imaginary fishing spot with this creative summer math activity. Make a fishing pole using a stick and twine, then adhere a small kitchen magnet to the end of the line. Create paper fish cutouts, each labeled with a different number, glue paper clips to them and you’re ready to cast off! Scatter the fish around the room and let the fishing fun begin! Encourage your child to “catch” the fish and tally up their haul using addition (and subtraction skills for the ones that get away!). 

2. Creative Card Games

Classic card games like cribbage and hearts are great summer math games for teaching on-the-fly calculations to older kids. These games not only provide entertainment but also offer opportunities for on-the-spot calculations and strategic thinking. For the little ones, dozens of counting games at all math skill levels are available for download online. Dice and dominoes are great for counting games, too. 

3. Number Hunts

Turn your home into a treasure trove of mathematical discoveries by organizing a number hunt. Cut out some numbers in different colors and shapes, then hide them throughout the house. Challenge older children to categorize the numbers based on mathematical properties such as odd/even, prime/composite, or multiples. Introducing these more advanced mathematical concepts by putting odd numbers on a certain color, even numbers on another, and prime numbers on a specific shape not only sharpens critical thinking skills but also encourages exploration and observation.

4. Indoor Bean Bag Toss

Turn your hallway into a makeshift bean bag toss court using painter’s tape. Designate different sections of the floor with varying point values and challenge your child to aim for specific targets. Incorporate math by assigning point values that require addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division to calculate scores. Just remember to take any framed pictures off the wall and remove anything fragile to avoid unintended collisions! 

5. Math Twister

Twister, but with math! Put a mathematical twist on the classic game of Twister by incorporating numbers and operations into the mix. Learn numbers, counting, or addition with a Twister set and Post-it notes. Label each colored spot on the Twister mat with a numbered Post-it note and assign mathematical tasks to each limb position, grab the spinner, and you’re ready to create math problems. For example, landing on “right hand on two” and “left foot on four” might require the player to add the numbers together. Or, what do you get when adding right-hand-on-two and left-foot-on-four? Interactive summer math games like Math Twister not only promote physical activity but also playfully reinforce math concepts.

Summer Math Games Bonus: Math Bingo

Transform the traditional bingo game into an exciting math challenge in this summer math games bonus idea. Create bingo cards filled with numbers or mathematical expressions, such as addition or subtraction problems. Call out the numbers or equations, and players must solve them to mark off the corresponding squares on their bingo cards. This game not only reinforces basic arithmetic skills but also adds an element of competition and excitement to indoor play. Plus, with endless possibilities for customization, you can tailor the game to suit different age groups and math skill levels, making it a versatile and engaging option for hot summer days indoors.

By infusing learning with creativity and movement, these air-conditioning-friendly summer math games offer a refreshing alternative to outdoor play during the dog days of summer. So beat the heat and keep young minds engaged with these entertaining math ideas!

When you’re ready to head outside, check out our outdoor summer math games ideas. Headed to the beach this summer? We’ve got you covered with beach-friendly summer math games too! 

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