Is Math On Your Grocery List?


From playing games to playing music, math finds a way to emerge in almost all aspects of our lives. When daily tasks begin to mount it is easy to rush through them and overlook the opportunity to have a fun learning experience with your kiddo. A quick trip to the grocery store, for example, is one of our favorite ways to slow down and put our kid’s noodle to work.

Prepare by asking your child to pack a pencil and small notebook for your trip to the grocery store. Depending on what is on your list to purchase, you can incorporate multiplication, estimation, and percentages.

  •         Ask your child to weigh a certain amount of produce that you need, and have them walk you through the steps they’re taking.
  •         What is the cost of the produce and how did they find it?
  •         If you add more product, how will that change the price?
  •         Find a sale item you need, and ask your child figure out the percentage discount.
  •         Finally, have them estimate the total cost of the grocery store trip.

What other ways do you elevate math at the grocery store?

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